After the sintering process, a variety of secondary operations are performed on these parts which include the following:

  • Calibration / Sizing / Coining

This process allows the components to achieve tighter dimensional tolerances & increased material strength.

  • Oil Impregnation

This process is performed on bearings imparting a self lubricating property.

  • Grinding Machining
  • Burr Removal
  • Steam Treatment
20 to 100 tonnes mechanical presses. 100 Metric tonnes Die Set series press (for multi level parts)


Furnaces with protective atmosphere.

In-house secondary operations

Coining / Sizing, Oil impregnation, Drilling, CNC Turning, Grinding, Boring Milling Tumbling & Vibrertry Furnishing.

In-house Q.C. & Metallurgical inspection

Tensile, Crush & Hardness testing, Metallographic examination, Flow Rate, Apparent Density & Dew Point checking.


Gerotors, oil pump gears parts can be developed through reverse engineering based on samples provided by customers.